RYA Yachtmaster OFFSHORE Packages



Venice4Sea has developed a two-week package to cover the exam prep in the most cost, and time, efficient way possible. RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Sail and RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Motor packages include 6-days of shorebased training and 3-days of practical training and 1-day off in advance of the exam, followed by two days of exam time onboard, with the fuel included.

The packages include student packs, training almanacs, plotting equipment and course books in the classroom, the yacht.

The only additional costs for you are the RYA exam fees that you pay directly via your application form and the examiner travel expenses.

YACHTMASTER SAIL PACKAGE: € 1950,00 (€ 2145,00 i.i. dal 2020)
YACHTMASTER MOTOR PACKAGE: € 2050,00 (€ 2255,00 i.i. dal 2020)