SRC on line course

The Marine Radio Short Range Certificate (SRC) online course enables candidates to understand how to operate modern VHF radios fitted with DSC controllers and forms an introduction to the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. You will learn the phonetic alphabet, correct voice procedure, the GMDSS system, securite, panpan and mayday messages, and the DSC controller. 
The RYA VHF SRC interactive training course is a legal requirement for all water users who intend to use a VHF (Very High Frequency) marine radio. This course is also required before completing any RYA practical exams and to gain a commercial endorsement.
 the online course must be completed prior to attempting the VHF exam. On completion of the end of course ‘knowledge check’ download and print your certificate, this must be presented to the examiner as proof that you qualify to take the exam.
It is also recommended that you read up on all the subjects including GMDSS with the RYA VHF Radio Handbook before you attend the final exam.
Candidates are required to pay for the examination via the
Duration details8 to 10 hours
AssessmentOnline pre-assessment