Yacht Fleet Manager

Yachts need the right staff, made of the right staff, to ensure a happy ship.

Yacht Management
Owning and managing
a yacht is a very
complex activity
Our management service is carried out by highly qualified and experienced staff and provides support and advice to Owners and their Masters to ensure that the yacht is managed, administered and maintained according to the highest quality criteria.

Our close relationships with shipyards, engineers, designers and other suppliers enable our staff to operate in a privileged working position optimizing timing and costs.

Do not waste your money.
Our administration service will ensure managing your yacht expenses in serenity and stress free. Our accounting team will work with you to create and agree a realistic annual budget specifically tailored to your yacht. We create a dedicated bank account for each yacht so we easily arrange all bank transfers, debit cards, cash and crew salaries.
Get the best deal.
In order to assist your Captain we will make arrangements to facilitate the whole operations which the yacht need worldwide such as berth booking, bunkering, suppliers, provisioning, ticketing, insurance, mobile phones and travel planning.
Leave no space for error.
Our experienced staff will assist the Owner and his Captain offering technical support and assistance either in routine operation or in emergency situations.

Working with the Captain we will draw up the yacht working list, we will plan and survey refit and maintenance operations and we will work through selection and monitoring of vendors, contractors and shipyards.

Prepared for any situation.
We offer bespoke management safety system tailored for yacht from 60 to 150 ft. privately or commercially registered. We plan a monthly report from each yacht in order to highlight near misses and ensure corrective action is taken to comply the risk assessment and to prevent accident.

We assist the Captain in scheduling and managing the crew periodical on board coaching and safety training including the safety equipment update.

We also provide 24/7 support for emergency or crisis situation.

A happy crew runs a happy ship.
Because the enjoyment and safety of a Yacht depends on the Crew we assist the Owner in well trained, qualified and professional Crew recruitment and administration including the payroll management by providing the update salary guidelines as well.
As RYA Training Center we offer the opportunity to train and certify the Crew either for deck and interior/hospitality members.